infinite-education php-developer-roadmap: A roadmap to become a senior PHP developer

You will not use them so often, but it is important to remember about their existence. Usage of external libraries is a great solution in most cases. To use it efficiently you should learn the Composer – a packet manager to extremely ease the process of connecting and updating all your PHP dependencies. You can create better and more robust APIs for your clients when you grasp REST APIs. Authentication/Authorization Methodologies Learning the approval, confirmation, and bookkeeping administrations and philosophies is critical for anyone in charge of a large company with employees. I wish you the best in your journey to learning and mastering Laravel.

PHP developer roadmap

That standard isn’t the only existing one, but it’s definitely the most common. And in order to develop the habit of writing clean code, you can use Psalm, Phan, or PHPStan linters. There’s no need to learn each – better to choose the one you like most.

Best Practices

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, three of the most popular content management systems, are based on PHP. If you’re looking for guidance on how to become a PHP developer in 2023, particularly for PHP backend development, you’ve landed in the right place. In a previous post, I shared the best free PHP and MySQL courses for web developers. Today, I’ll walk you through a complete PHP Developer Roadmap that you can follow to achieve your goals. Building web applications can not only be fun but also offer a promising career with high demand and respectable salaries. Many people are even mastering this skill and working as freelancers from the comfort of their homes.

This 9 hours tutorial playlist covers fundamental concepts of popular PHP MVC frameworks. This is the Perfect PHP developer roadmap, which describes all the necessary step you need to follow to become a successful PHP Developer. As a final word, I would recommend learning the official documentation of PHP like the back of your hand and the best way to do that is to start writing some small applications in PHP. After learning PHP there might be some instance wherein you are stack within specific blocks of code and won’t make it work. Good thing there are plenty of PHP online community (also known as forums) out there that you can be a member.

Create a portfolio

This course has 2 hours of video content, but you will learn a lot in this language that will help you style your website. If you want to start from this level directly and from the beginning, it is possible, but it is very difficult and requires a lot of time and patience. This tutorial covers fundamental concepts of building Laravel REST API with authentication and connect that with Vue.js + Tailwind.css frontend. When you are already learning a lot with PHP and MySQL, you might wonder if there is a way to improve your workflow instead of creating them from scratch repeatedly. Is an online reference that offers free online education to the people who wants to learn different programming topics. Aside from PHP and MySQL they also offer tutorials for JAVA, Python and Perl.

PHP developer roadmap

Don’t aim to learn and memorize everything about PHP and simply focus on tools you’ll be using 90% of the time. This comprehensive course spans 26 hours of video content and caters to beginners who want to master PHP. You’ll progress from basics to creating a Point of Sale (POS) sales project. MySQL is employed as the database for storing website data. Prior familiarity with front-end languages is helpful before embarking on this course.

The best way to learn PHP

This is very good starting point if you want to become a PHP Developer. Even if you gained a lot of experience in PHP programming and call yourself as a PHP Master, you can’t just sit back and relax. On this book, Steven Holzner will teach you how build dynamic, cross-browser Web applications with PHP. It explains how to personalize the PHP work space, define operators and variables manipulate strings, and arays.

They can also share it with the other people involved in the hiring process, like the development team who might want to test and review the source code of your projects. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a strong portfolio is one of the best ways to show the full extent of what you can do. Given this, PHP becomes a great alternative to escape the possibility of having a store that does not provide a satisfactory browsing experience to the user. Due to this, the large online store development platforms already use PHP as the main language to program their back-end. It is important that websites also have a good level of compatibility with databases, as they are a fundamental part of the structure.

The PhpStorm Blog

Hi, I am Ashish Yadav, The founder of the website. I am a Data Analyst by profession and a Blogger, and YouTuber by choice and I love sharing my knowledge with needy people like You. After you have familiarized yourself with the above, you can now dive into the PHP programming language. In this 5 hours PHP Course you will learn all the basics things you need in PHP.

PHP developer roadmap

Laravel 9 is the latest version of this popular framework. Laravel is the perfect tool for creating a robust and sophisticated website. This type of database, known as PostgreSQL, is the most advanced open-source database for your website, and it is used a lot with the PHP language among developers. It is a highly stable database developed for more than 20 years. This course will help you understand this database from scratch and implement the CRUD operation. The most famous version control systems are Git, which is the aversion control system, and Github, which is a cloud-based hosting service that facilitates Git repositories.

Roadmap to PHP: How to Become a PHP Developer

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  • It is easy to use and constantly improved, which makes it a safe choice for those who want to work on qualified projects.
  • Like the language of websites, plugins must also have dynamic and agile communication with the server, which is why PHP is the ideal option in this case.
  • It empowers you to implement offline modes, enhance website responsiveness, and maintain your code with ease.
  • It would help if you connected to these databases every time you load a page, which could make it cumbersome.
  • Dedicate them entirely to your coding journey — share tips and insights, your PHP repos and projects, and helpful blog posts.
  • Before learning PHP, it is important to learn how the internet works.

Although PHP is one of the easiest languages out there to learn, it is somewhat difficult to master. Some of you might be disagreeing with me right now with my statement but let me explain my point. There are some instances in a PHP program wherein you have a lot of different ways to do the same thing with only two or three ways being accepted by the PHP community as the “most correct way”. You may also face a technical interview, in which you’ll be asked to solve a coding problem to showcase your programming and problem-solving skills. If you have a strong LinkedIn profile and you already have professional experience, you may not even have to look for a job. Recruiters could find you and contact you before you even start searching.